6 Ways to Have a Blessed & Fun Summer with No budget

6 Ways to Have a Blessed & Fun Summer with No budget

Its midway through summer and it may be a little daunting to think about the rest of your summer vacation if you haven't went anywhere yet. Especially when thinking about where to go, what to do, & how much money you need to save up. But let's be honest, sometimes not every detail works out as planned. Because what if you can't afford to take that vacation you have been dreaming of or can't afford to take time off from work to go? Well, I am here to tell you.....It's okay hunn. Really! There are so many simple ways to enjoy your summer without breaking the bank to do so! Below are my top six ways to have a blessed and fun summer with no budget:

1.) Start or Nurture your relationship With God: Whether you know it or not, God loves you! He wants you to live out a joyous and fulfilling life. God always has a plan for us. The time that we spend with Him allowing for Him to lead us each day into His will is KEY. Our summer vacation is no different. Make an effort to read His word, pray and draw closer to Him. Ask Him what it is He wants you to accomplish this summer, who is it that he wants you to help or even simply be praying for. 

2.) Have a Girls Night: Hanging out and catching up with your girlfriends over the summer, or any season really is always necessary. Sit back, pop in a movie, catch up, and laugh over a few drinks and indulge in some fun girl talk. Doing so can be such a stress reliever from the daily things we girls go through. Its always best to spend some time catching up and grabbing some encouraging advice from the ones who love and know you the best. 

3.) Stay Active: Don't dare spend your summer laying around wishing to go somewhere. GET UP! Go out side, take a walk up the street with some headphones and some music in your ear. Even ask your nearby friend or nearest neighbor to join you. Find a local art show or festival to attend. Doing the simplest things with people you enjoy can make for the best memories.

4.) New Eateries: Try a new local restaurant spot in your hometown or even the next closest city over. A part of life is about taking chances, which includes food dishes you never tried, being one of them! No one said it had to be at a fancy restaurant either. It can easily be that new place that just opened in your local mall or that new bistro cafe in your neighborhood. 

5.) Have fun & enjoy yourself: Way too often we tend to get bogged down by the daily ongoing routine of work, school, kids, etc. that we never just take a moment to relax and have some personal "Me Time". In doing so, it is not only fulfilling but also beneficial to our mental and physical health to learn how to take a breather every once in awhile. 

6.) Wake up Everyday & Be Thankful: No matter your financial situation or life priorities, everyday that the Lord blesses you to see is a gift. So be thankful and make a daily effort to have a  positive attitude. And we should always use this time on this earth to help others and serve the Lord.

    Have more summer ideas to add to this list? Let me know how your spending your summer vacation !
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